Lt. Commander David Perez
, our Chief Engineer, designed the ship’s logo. He did an outstanding job of combining Greek and Star Trek myth and mythos. The shield Ulysses holds bears the symbol of Starfleet Command as a Sovereign class starship fills the sky, caught in a nova.
USS Ulysses logo
Commander Vicki Shipley, an IFT graphics specialist, has done a wonderful job with the USS Ulysses logo. She converted David’s original drawing into the beautiful logo we have here. It was a lot of hard work and the workmanship certainly shows. Thanks again, Vicki!
International Federation of Trekkers. ‘The Federation’

Gene Roddenberry, the creator of Star Trek, created a utopic world that promotes unity and acceptance of all walks of life. He introduced us to this world through the experiences of James T. Kirk, Spock, Leonard “Bones” McCoy, Montgomery Scott, and Nyota Uhura; just to name a few. Since the original launch of Star Trek until the 2009 re-launch by J.J. Abrams the fan base for this universe has grown to encompass most of the world; certainly every place that Star Trek can be viewed. The founders of the International Federation of Trekkers aspire to promote that same utopic community in modern society.

Aside from that philosophical nugget, the members of ‘The Federation’ enjoy showing up to conventions, movies, space exhibits, or most any event that can be even remotely tied to the Star Trek experience. Many of our members can empathize with some character in any of the Star Trek variations; The Original Series, The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, Enterprise, The Animated Series, or movies. We promote a peaceful and accepting community while donning our star fleet (or Vulcan, or Klingon) uniforms; and encourage you to do the same.

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MemberOTY03 Honor03 GramOTY03 Geo03
IFT Awards won for 2003. Mandy Ison won IFT Member of the Year for 2003! This is in recognition of her dedication to IFT and the work she has done on the behalf of IFT and her ship. Congratulations!
IFT Honor Roll for the top ten most active ships during 2003. Thanks to all those crewmembers who participated! We were just 3 points off of tying with the Ship of the Year, the USS Raven. 🙂
The 2003 Graham Award for turning in reports on time every month.
We can thank our XO, Mandy Ison, for that, and congratulate her on her new ship, the USS Athena. Congrats Captain Ison! This will be the 4th year that we have won this award.
Our GEO won GEO of the Year for 2003! This is due to the dedication of the GEO 5 staff, Juanita Gamble, Mandy Ison, and Joleen Dooley. This is also the second year GEO 5 has won this award.
Here, at the Command Center, we invite you to explore our ship and meet her officers and crew. We are a fan club dedicated to the ideals and mythos of Star Trek.The USS Ulysses is a chapter of the International Federation of Trekkers, located in Beaumont, California, two hours southeast of Los Angeles. Established in June 2000, the Ulysses is commanded by Vice Fleet Admiral Juanita Gamble. Our starship follows in the proud tradition of the Enterprise 1701-E as a Sovereign Class Starship. This class of starship is one of the most advanced to leave the Utopia Planetia Dockyards. Check out her specs and history in our Sovereign Class Starship page. At the end of the above page, there is also a list of links to find great pics of this starship and others.
The Ulysses and other chapters of IFT work together on local and global concerns. Our philosophy is one of service to the community and pride in the the
Starfleet Officers Code of Ethics. The International Federation of Trekkers is also a non-profit organization.In January 2014, we adopted a Jaguar through The Living Desert’s endangered species program with the monies raised through our recycling program. Visit our Graphics & Design page to learn more about the making of our logo by Chief Engineer,
Lt. David Perez. There, you will also find information and pictures of his other creative endeavors, as well as collaborative efforts in creating artwork for events we participate in throughout
the year!
As for the Ulysses, we attend meetings, go on away missions (both large and small), go to conventions, attend fund-raisers for other charities, and do a little fund-raising of our own! And, of course, we talk about Star Trek and argue about our favorite episodes.
Visit our Ulysses Mission Logs to read up on the latest adventures of the Ulysses, written by
VFltAdm Gamble and Lt. JG Michael Rose. Or click on Australia Mission Log to view pics and read up on the adventures of our then XO, now Captain of the USS Athena, in Australia!
If you like Star Trek and want to be more than an arm-chair fan, come aboard our ship and enjoy the company and activities of other Star Trek fans, and other starships of IFT.