The crew of the Ulysses is happy to announce that we are now the proud adoptive parents of the Ocelot and
for 2005! Pictures to come!

Besides adopting endangered species, we also work with local charities in fund-raising and strive to better the community through volunteer services. You can also find pictures of events on our Gallery page.


Here are our newest adoptees, Jean-Luc, a caracal from The Living Desert’s Endangered Species program, and Orson, a black jaguar from the San Diego Zoological Society’s
Adopt-An-Animal project!

Of course, how could we resist such beautiful creatures? If you haven’t figured it out yet, we LOVE animals.

“Call him big. Call him black. Call him beautiful, and you’d be right. Just don’t call him a panther, because there’s no such thing! Orson is a jaguar, and one of the most admired cats at the San Diego Zoo.” San Diego Zoo

That’s right, we’ve got ourselves a gorgeous animal, whose black on black spots make him a beauty. Of course, I would have named him something like Rajah or Prince.;-) He currently resides at the San Diego Zoo, where visitors may watch him hunt, eat, sleep, and play. The Ulysses will be making an away mission later this year to visit our newest adoptee from the San Diego Zoo.

“The caracal is a powerful, medium-sized cat with a slender body and slim legs. Their long, pointed ears, tipped with two-inch tufts of black hair, give it a lynx-like appearance.” The Living Desert

Who knew those tufts on the end of those ears could be so majestic? The Ulysses has named our regal adoptee from The Living Desert, Jean-Luc, after one of our favorite Captains.

Our January visit to The Living Desert was very brief, so we will be announcing another away mission in the future, where we will get to properly admire the many animals on display.


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