Young Marines Graduation


Young Marines Graduation


Top row (left to right): Dana Buvik (Nathan Hale), Captain Nathan Gastineau (Nathan Hale), Lisa Garrison (Nathan Hale and IKA Nightblood), Chancellor Roy Henderson (IKA Nightblood), and Tom ? (IKA Nightblood).

Young Marines Graduation November 18th, 2000

Bottom row (left to right): Carolyn Henderson (IKA Nightblood), Captain Juanita Gamble (Ulysses), Lt. Commander Mandy Ison (Ulysses), and Commander Pamela Gengo (Ulysses).


The Young Marines is a military school in the Inland Empire area. The Marines, ages 7 to 18, dress in fatigues or dress blues, and are promoted, recognized for achievements, and must stand at attention for a torturous hour and a half during the ceremony. We had two individuals faint from heat exhaustion and locked knees!

Three cadets in dress blues standing at attention.

The Nathan Hale, the Ulysses, and the IKA Nightblood were invited back to their graduation on November 18th, after a successful fundraiser at an earlier graduation in the year.

Once the Marines marched off (in disorderly fashion) at the close of the graduation fete, Klingon and Federation personnel posed with the graduates, after a general rush for pizza and soda.

I have to say that those kids looked pretty cute, dressed in replica fatigues, down to their miniature army boots. During the pictures, the Klingons feigned attack on the grads and Federation personnel, to the delight of the picture participants and the suspicion of IFT officers. They feel it their duty to try to assassinate at least one Federation officer per graduation, and we feel it our duty to keep our hands on our phasers. It is a lot of fun!

We charged five dollars per picture and made a whopping $75. Which was then donated to the Young Marines facility. However, there were many free pictures taken and given out to eager Marines. We gamely trooped out to pose on the lawn on at least 20 different occasions.

The graduating class.

For those of you who didn’t go, you missed out on a lot of fun. The Klingons were extremely entertaining. There was many a home video camera trained on them throughout the ceremony and during picture taking.

Klingon Lisa Garrison and Commander Pamela Gengo getting along in true Federation fashion.

The Federation personnel and Klingon warriors interacted very amiably, some of us going so far as to pretend to choke in Klingon death holds. Of course, we felt safe as we outnumbered them.

There was one very proud moment in which the crew of the Ulysses was asked to pose with a graduate and his sister. I actually had my autograph requested! As did my Captain and XO.

What dreams of grandeur…ah well, I better sign off before my head swells and knocks the monitor off its stand. Any future events will, of course, be posted here. Thank you for visiting!

Young Marines stand at attention. Part of our group at the graduation.

Young Marines stand at attention.

Part of our group at the graduation.