New Stories by Ms. J. Gamble are being released..

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Sep 232015

The illustrious captain of the USS Ulysses has picked up her datapad once again, and begun dictating a new story… See below for an excerpt, or go here for the full story.


Planet Earth, vast oceans, towering skyscrapers, limited open spaces and millions upon millions of people. She is the home of the commanding officer of the starship, Ulysses, orbiting her from shadow into light.

“Captain’s Log:”

“The USS Ulysses awaits the arrival of her new crew due to her last mission’s toll on the morale of the crew and the loss of one of her finest. Her Chief Engineer, David Perez, died while performing his duty to protect the crew. This loss prompted many requests for transfers, which this captain, granted with a heavy heart.

“Awaiting the arrival of the new first officer, Captain Julia D. Ree, who comes with very high qualifications, having graduated top of her class at Star Fleet Academy and after serving with distinction aboard Captain William T. Riker’s ship, the USS Titan for a year. Captain Riker transmitted a letter of recommendation over to me, which was a glowing example of what a first officer candidate should be.”

“Chief Engineer, Lieutenant Bob Ree, also formerly of the Titan, graduated top of his class at Star Fleet Academy. Captain Riker transmitted a letter of recommendation for Lt. Ree. Reminder to self: send Will a condolence note. I’m getting the best of his crew, don’t know what he has left to work with.”

“Chief Medical Officer, Captain Marlynn Heyne, is reassigned to the Ulysses as CMO after the destruction of her first command, the USS Endeavor. Two more officers, Captain Martin Paternoster and Lieutenant Sheri Paternoster are assigned to the Ulysses after the destruction of their starship, the USS Churchill. The Paternosters are late additions to the crew list and I will wait until I meet with them before assigning duty stations aboard my ship.”

“End Captain’s Log – Juanita Gamble, Vice-Fleet Admiral, commanding officer”

General Meeting Announcement

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May 022014
USS Ulysses logo

USS Ulysses Logo

The USS Ulysses will not be holding its monthly meeting for May, instead meeting at the Living Desert in the evening to participate in their fundraiser “Brew at the Zoo”. It promises to be a swinging time (Juanita will be debuting Wolfblade Karaoke) and it benefits the residents of the Living Desert.