Graphic & Design Department


This is the Graphics & Design Department of the USS Ulysses. Below, you will find pictures and information on the designs of our XO, Mandy Ison, and our Chief Engineer, David Perez, and the events for which the crew of the Ulysses has helped to create artwork and graphics. Check out the
Jurassic Trek II Logo
originally drawn by Lt. Commander David Perez and redesigned and made into graphic art by Captain Mandy Ison for our away mission to Universal Studios August 2002. Enjoy!

Ulysses Logo, Convention Badge, Arboretum, Jurassic Trek 2001, Jurassic Trek 2002


Jurassic Trek 2001


JurassicTrekSmallerDavid Perez created the Jurassic Trek logo for our joint away mission with the USS Nathan Hale to Universal Studios in August 2001. ‘Jurassic’ is in Jurassic Park font, and ‘Trek’ is in, what else, a Trek font. The dinosaur bursting through the center of the delta shield is certainly the best part of the whole design!

The logo was printed on bright yellow t-shirts, the color chosen by the Captain of the Nathan Hale, Nathan Gastineau, so that members would be easily identifiable. Yes, well, hmmm…they were certainly that! Check out our Away Missions to view pictures of this event.


Jurassic Trek II: The Lost Trekkers

JurassicTrek2DrawingDavid Perez redrew the Jurassic Trek logo for our second joint away mission with the USS Nathan Hale to Universal Studios in August 2002. The dinosaur holds up two claws to represent our second year of operation. This is the drawing he submitted after correcting the position of the T-Rex’s arm so that the palm of the hand faced outward. We didn’t want to offend anyone who knew what it meant the other way around! 😉 In any case, it looks very similar to our logo for the first year of Jurassic Trek.


After receiving a scan of the drawing above, Mandy Ison, our XO, reproduced the image in Fireworks, using the actual fonts. However, seeing that “II: The Lost Trekkers” had been mistakenly omitted, trying to fit this to the left of the delta shield made the design look too cumbersome.

After fooling around with it, this is what she came up with, redesigning the title and colorizing those aspects of the original drawing which remained. She improved upon the
original design and did an awesome job making it graphic art! 🙂 The resulting logo was printed in full color onto tan t-shirts, both front and back. Check out pictures of the event on our Away Missions page!


Ulysses Logo

Here is the original design by our Chief Engineer, Lieutenant David Perez, for the Ulysses logo after we were commissioned in June 2000. He did a fantastic job of combining images of Greek mythology with images of Star Trek. His drawing graced the front page of our website when Lt. Commander Mandy Ison first created it.

The finished product you see as our logo is by Commander Vicki Shipley, IFT’s Director of the Graphics Art Department, and she did an equally wonderful job bringing David’s drawing to life. The crew of the Ulysses thinks it is one of the best and most beautiful logos in IFT.


Star Trek Grand Slam 2002 Convention Badge

Cherif Boudjakdji, GEO V’s Commander and Fleet Captain of the USS Gene Roddenberry, submitted this idea for the Grand Slam 2002 Convention Badge to our Chief Engineer, David Perez, for further design. His original idea was to represent all ships on the badge that volunteered to work at the Grand Slam convention.

To the right is David’s polished design after reviewing Cherif’s idea and purpose for the badge. He left plenty of room for logos to be added later on. This design was then sent onto Lt. Commander Mandy Ison, Chief of Operations of the Ulysses, to transform into graphic art.

Mandy added a few of her own ideas to the badge design, finishing with the product here that was used for the Star Trek Grand Slam 2002 Convention in Pasadena, California.
Organization logos were used instead to represent as broad a spectrum as possible of convention volunteers. All in all, it was a lot of fun and hard work, and, I think, it turned out very well!



This is the Arboretum commissioned by our Captain, Juanita Gamble, from Lt. David Perez for the Ulysses. We now can boast of a lush and beautiful get-away aboard ship that we can retire to after hours. With the Starlite Bar to the left, the Skyway Cafe to the right, the Tractor Beam dance floor in the middle, lush gardens to stroll through, and bay views on both sides, how can we lose? And we forgive David for mispelling the ship’s name. 😉 We all think he did a fantastic job!