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International Federation of Trekker’s Purpose Statement

“To promote the humanitarian philosophies and ideals portrayed in the Star Trek mythos in a realistic fashion conducive to the continued existence and responsible advancement of human kind. To provide and support education and positive legal activism in the areas of human rights, racial and sexual equality, environmental causes, and space exploration. To promote a more positive impression of Star Trek enthusiasts as intelligent, socially conscious, active individuals who are aware and concerned about the real world today.”

International Federation of Trekkers

International Federation of Trekkers

The International Federation of Trekkers is an organization that, with its many chapters nationally and internationally, celebrates the mythos and ideals of Star Trek. IFT’s entire fleet is available to anyone who joins, and they are more than willing to help make your career in Star Trek enjoyable and exciting.

Below is a quick survey of IFT structure and membership. This is by no means a comprehensive explanation of IFT organization. IFT has many offices and services that will not be discussed here. However, a good basic understanding of its structure should follow from reading this page.

The International Federation of Trekkers is organized in tier fashion as follows. First are the offices of IFT, which range from the Operations Headquarters to Fleet Merit Award Headquarters. Russ Haslage is the President of IFT (and a great guy too!).

The GEOs then follow. These are the Geographical Extension of Operations that cover a large area in which ships are stationed. Each GEO has a captain and a commander, and are usually from the largest ship in the GEO. The ULYSSES is in GEO 5, and her Geo Commander is Allen Hohensee.

Starbases are next and rank above starships and just below GEOs. However, they are rare: IFT has one. These take a minimum of forty active members. One of the goals of the USS Nathan Hale (based in Redlands) and the USS Ulysses is to one day become a starbase!

The chapters follow, or Super Starships of IFT. These are scattered within the GEOs and must have a minimum of five active members registered with IFT. They are by far the most numerous type of chapter. Down one level are the Shuttle Crafts, which must have three active members and are tied to a ship in their area.


Every active member, someone who has paid for a member package is assigned to a Federation Super Starship in his or her area. If there are no local ships, then the member is assigned to the Federation Flagship, the USS T’HY’LA, a cybership. For members who wish to build a starship in their area, IFT is more than happy to help commission new ships.

Membership* must be renewed each year.

Membership Prizes (subject to change)

Federation Enlisted Federation Officer Federation Couples Officer Federation Officer Family Lifetime (Individual)
$9.00 $12.00 $20.00 $25.00 $150.00


Enlisted to Officer Officer to Couple Couple to Family
$3.00 $8.00 $5.00

For more details, please check out the other membership possibilities at the IFT website under Enlisting in IFT!


*Renewal not necessary with Lifetime Membership.