Officers And Crew


The following officers have given their permission to display short biographies online. Some officers may have declined to do so. We are all quirky individuals who make up the heart and soul of the ship. Enjoy!


Vice-Fleet Admiral Juanita Gamble

Welcome aboard the Ulysses, I am the commanding officer. I hope that your visit will be enjoyable as well as informative. This ship was created by two friends and I, to give us a place to meet and enjoy Star Trek together. I have been a fan of the show since the very first airing of the original series in 1966.

I am a retired GEO Coordinator and in an advisory role in the Federation Council. I am concentrating on the duties of my ship and my personal life and am no longer able to give my Headquarter Positions the attention that they require.

I have my Bachelors Degree of Science with a specialty in Web Base Management. I graduated in November 2002 and my last day of class was June 23, 2003, had to finish those pesky general education classes. First Contact is my favorite movie in the Trek series and my favorite weekly show will always be The Next Generation. In my opinion, the best command team is Picard and Riker.

Hope that you enjoy the different pages on this site and the mission logs that we enjoyed writing.

Our CO is the author of several Ulysses Mission Logs.

The Ulysses Mission Logs are unfolding tales of the adventures of the crew of the USS Ulysses!


Lieutenant Eugene Gamble

I am the Replicator Chief aboard the Ulysses and the husband of Vice-Fleet Admiral Gamble. I work at Skyline Corporation as the Tool Room Manager, I have been employed there for over 40 years.

I became a member of the Ulysses by becoming the first member to be shanghaied in the style of the ancient pirates of Earth. I then moved my way up the chain of duties into the position of Replicator Chief.

Each day I go on recycling walks and pick up bottles and cans and then about every 3 or 4 months a Recycling Away Mission is taken to the local recycling company and funds are gathered for our charity The Living Desert.


Lt. JG Michael Rose

Michael Rose is a former member of the USS Odyssey, a Star Trek fan club independent of IFT, as a security ensign shortly before leaving to pursue his dream of joining the Army. After a long haul through basic training, he made it to his permanent duty station. Unfortunately, as a result of stress brought on by severe personal matters and political trouble at a bad post, he was granted an honorable discharge after just over a year in service.

After two years of rough and, at times, dangerous living and moving from place to place, he returned to California, where he joined his mother’s ship, the USS Ulysses, as a security operative again. He has sought to excel at what he does for the ship, including artwork and assisting at events whenever possible.

He rejoined the army and was stationed in Baghdad, Iraq, where he was injured in a friendly fire suicide bombing event. He is now a Disabled Veteran and is living in North Carolina with his beautiful wife Jennifer.

He has married a wonderful woman, Jennifer, and they are both very happy. Jennifer is also in the Army and stationed at Ft. Bragg.

His interests include firearms, muscle cars, off-roading, drawing and writing stories. His favorite Star Trek series is Star Trek: The Next Generation, and his favorite Star Trek movie of all time is “Star Trek II: The Wrath of Kahn”.

Lt. JG Michael Rose is also the author of the 4th Ulysses Mission Logs: Pack Behaviors and will occasionally submit a Security Log.